Wordle Peaks

If intellectual games and crossword puzzles are among your favorites, you will definitely like the following puzzle. Wordle Peaks is a game from the Wordle series with an original task and action algorithm. Match letters, make words, and find clues.

In Wordle Peaks, the player's task is to guess the secret word. You can choose a game mode - daily challenge or unlimited. Guess new words every day and get points on your account.

How to play Wordle Peaks

The board is lined with empty cells. Each line has 5 tiles, which corresponds to the number of letters. You have six attempts to guess. If you fail to guess, the answer will be displayed on the screen.

First, type any five-letter word and press Enter. Each cell will be colored according to its position in the alphabet:

  • green - the letter is in its place;
  • blue - the letter is in front of the one in the test word;
  • orange - the letter is after the selected one in the alphabet

The range of available letters for this segment will appear in the empty cells as hints.

Consider the placement of letters, hints, and adjust the next word to guess. Start with a word where the letters do not repeat. Pay attention to color clues and consistent letter combinations, which can help you solve the word.

When you're done, check out the statistics. This section shows the total number of rounds played, the number of wins, the time spent thinking, the ranking of the fastest games, and more.

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