Word Learner

Word Learner is an exciting intellectual game for those who want to enrich their vocabulary, practice writing words and learn new vocabulary. Such a puzzle will be great fun for the smallest users. Train reaction speed, attentiveness, accuracy and the ability to recognize letters of the alphabet. Players will need excellent visual memory and logic.

The player has the opportunity to choose one of the game modes. There are random themes to choose from, as well as a category game.

In the section with different categories, the participant can choose one of the topics: animals, birds, flowers, fruits, countries.

At the beginning of the game, one of the words from the selected category is displayed on the screen. And it disappears in a few seconds. The player must reproduce the name he saw.

On the screen, the letters of the alphabet move in random order, and the player's task is to click on the necessary letters in the correct order to make a word. For each correctly typed word, 1 point is added to the player's account.

How to play Word Learner

  • Choose a category;
  • Get the word, remember it:
  • Play the word by clicking on the letters in the right order;
  • Do not make mistakes;
  • Get the maximum number of points.

Be as accurate as possible, because even one mistake will be the end of the game. In case of a mistake, the correct option is displayed on the screen. There is a desire to continue, start over.

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