Word 500

Solve puzzles, juggle letters, and guess words. Word 500 is a real challenge even for the most advanced players. Guess the words with a minimum number of hints. There is no easy way to win.

In Word 500, the player has a regular grid of cells arranged in eight rows. Each row has five empty tiles.

The developers have come up with a rather original hint system. Now, after each new variant, the player will not see which letters he or she managed to guess. Instead, only the number of letters that are in the guessing word will be presented in the table next to it.

How to play Word 500 game

The player's task is to guess the encrypted word. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter any five-letter word first;
  • The system will display the result in the form of numbers in the table on the side;
  • The table has cells of green, yellow and red color, which respectively mean the presence of a letter in the word in the correct position, the wrong position and the absence of this letter at all.
  • The answers are given in the form of numbers;
  • Analyze what letters are possible in the guess and enter the next option.

There are three game modes available for the player: easy, medium, and difficult. Additionally, you can choose a daily challenge and get new riddles every day or training to hone your skills.

Enrich your vocabulary, train and improve your logic, thinking and memory. Have fun hunting for new words in Word 500.

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