Scramble Words

Do you like interesting word puzzles and fun with letters? Then Scramble Words will definitely appeal to you. A simple algorithm, clear rules, and great brain training await every player.

There are 6 hidden words on the board in front of the participant. Some of the cells already have letters that will become a kind of hint for the player.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a set of letters that need to be used to guess the secret words.

How to play Scramble Words

Play according to the following algorithm:

  • look at the letters to be used;
  • start with the shortest words and those with open letters;
  • enter your options in the active feed;
  • the system evaluates the word and fills in the empty cells if the guess is found.

The player receives additional guesses in the form of letters that open after several guessed words. Each correct answer fills the scale. As soon as the line is filled and reaches the light bulb image, a new letter will open on the playing field.

The timer on the screen shows the time left to solve the puzzle. The player can also see the round number and the number of points earned on the account. A great dynamic game with colorful graphics develops logic and memory, improves thinking and guessing. Train, develop and relax while playing Scramble Words.

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