Rhyme Time

Train your creativity and intelligence, improve your memory by playing Rhyme Time. An interesting intellectual game will appeal to all players regardless of age and interests.

Rhyme Timeb> is an interesting puzzle game in which you need to guess three words. All words rhyme with each other. You need to enter all three options and only then press Enter. The player has an unlimited number of attempts.

The playing field consists of three rows of empty cells. The number of squares corresponds to the number of letters. At the beginning of the game, each word has two or three letters already revealed. All words have a different number of letters and, accordingly, complexity. Choose the possible options and fill in all the tiles. Don't forget about rhyme.

If you can't guess, use the hint. This option is available only once a day. There is an image with letters at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and get a hint. Choose one letter and the system will fill in all the cells where it appears in the secret words.

If you can't find the answer, the clue will be revealed the next day. The statistics will show the number of wins on the player's account.

To enter letters, use the keyboard or the on-screen keyboard layout. Like other intellectual games, Rhyme Time activates thinking, cognitive activity and logic. The game will help you learn English. Guess the rhyming words and win.

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