If crosswords, word puzzles and other intellectual puzzles seem easy to you, you should try Phrazle. An interesting and exciting game is a real challenge even for the smartest and smartest.

The goal of the game is to guess not just a word, but a whole phrase!

Analyze, think and find clues for even the most difficult puzzles. You will need clear thinking and the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

How to play Phrazle game

The player has six attempts to guess the phrase. Use the on-screen keyboard layout and type words. Each empty cell corresponds to one letter. When the phrase is entered, click Enter and wait for the result. Use the color codes as hints after the system evaluates the player's option:

  • The purple color indicates that such a letter is present, but in another word;
  • Yellow tiles should be moved to the correct position in the word;
  • Green segments indicate that the player correctly placed the letter in the classified phrase;
  • Letters in gray squares should not be taken into account in the next attempt.

Guess the phrase and get a point for the account. Track your own progress in statistics in the form of percentage of rounds won and total number of games played.

Participants are provided with a training regimen and daily puzzles.

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