The list of intellectual games with words is endless. The top positions in the ratings are occupied by puzzles in which you need to guess words using a certain set of letters. Games develop logic, expand vocabulary, and improve memory and thinking. Puzzles like Lingle are a great solution for those who want to improve their language skills.

Play Lingle and juggle the letters. There is a grid of empty squares on the board. A row consists of 6 cells, which corresponds to six letters. The player's task is to guess the encrypted word. The participant has an unlimited number of attempts. A new riddle word is revealed every day.

Type the first word into the cells at random and press Enter. Use the keyboard layout on the screen. After entering, all the cells will be colored in different colors:

  • green square - the player has guessed the letter and its location in the word;
  • orange color confirms the presence of the letter, but you need to change its position in the next version;
  • gray color indicates that the letter is not in the word and should not be used in subsequent attempts.

Use the color hints and choose the next option. For convenience, not only the squares in the word grid are colored, but also the keys on the layout.

You can track the player's success in the statistics: the number of games played, wins, and successful attempts. Guess the words and get a new puzzle every day.

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