Hogwartle Wordle

The story of the boy wizard has captured the hearts of generations. It is not surprising that the plot and main characters that the public liked so much are reflected in toys, accessories, and even online games.

The intellectual game Hogwartle will appeal to everyone who is fond of the famous story. Match letters, guess words, and set game records. Players will experience real magic with letters.

Players have six attempts to guess a word related to Harry Potter and other Hogwarts residents. A five-letter word is encrypted on the board. Enter the options and get hints.

How to play Hogwartle Wordle

The rules of the game are reminiscent of classic word games:

  • the player enters the first variant at random;
  • use the keyboard layout on the screen to type the word;
  • if a mistake is made, erase the letter and enter the correct one;
  • when the word is printed correctly, press Enter and wait for the result;
  • use the color highlighting as a hint.

When choosing the next word, pay attention to the color of the cells from the previous options. Type green letters in the same cells. Orange color indicates that the letter is in the word, but you need to move it to another position. Gray letters are not used in guess words.

Find the secret words and enjoy the interesting and favorite theme of the Harry Potter story.

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