The Wordle category is filled with a huge number of games that differ in tasks, complexity, algorithm of actions, and design. At the same time, developers continue to surprise.

Heardle is a completely new type of puzzle game where you need to demonstrate your musical skills and talent rather than just search for words. Demonstrate your music knowledge, guess the artists and hone your ear for music.

Every day, the player has a new task - to guess the artist or song by listening to a certain audio recording. The player has six attempts to find the right answer.

How to play Heardle

The game grid consists of 6 empty lines, which corresponds to 6 attempts to guess the melody. The player is located at the bottom of the screen.

The game algorithm is quite simple and does not require any special skills:

  • Listen to the excerpts and type the song variants into the active feed;
  • The system processes the answer and displays the color result;
  • The wrong answer is highlighted in red;
  • If you want to extend the available melody, sacrifice an attempt and open additional seconds of the song.

The total length of the melody is 30 seconds. At the beginning, the player has only two seconds to guess the song and the artist. Gradually open the song and choose a possible artist. Relax and enjoy the great music.

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