Contexto Wordle

Do you have a perfectly developed guess and the ability to find all the associations? Then it's time to check yourself. Play an interesting and original intellectual game - Contexto and find the secret word. The guess is very close, if you have the ability to look for the right context. Challenge the artificial intelligence and guess the words.

How to play Contexto

The playing field consists of a tape on which you need to type words. The player has an infinite number of attempts and unlimited time. A number will be indicated next to each new option. The smaller the number, the closer the player is to the goal.

To win, you need to perform a few simple actions:

  • Enter any word in the line and click the Enter key;
  • Analyze the received number and choose the next option;
  • Continue to build a chain of associations until you manage to guess the word with the number 1;
  • In case of difficulties, you can use a hint.

The system suggests using a hint or giving up. Then the player will receive an answer - an encrypted word. Additionally, track the results of the game: the number of used attempts, the number of hints. In the statistics, you can also look at the list of words that are closest to the guess in terms of content. 1 game available daily. But the participant can return to the rounds of previous days that he missed and try his hand at associations.

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