Word guessing, letter shuffling, and interesting puzzles attract players regardless of their hobbies or age. Try your hand at guessing words and demonstrate your rich vocabulary and good memory.

Waffle Wordle game is a fun, interesting intellectual puzzle game that has many fans around the world. Use six tries to guess the encrypted words in the cells. It definitely won't be as easy as it seems at first.

Train your brain and improve your vocabulary skills. Take part in daily challenges and organize competitions with your friends. The game will be a great option for relaxation and will allow you to get away from routine tasks.

The playing field consists of 6 lines of cells with letters. The words are arranged and intersect in a way that visually resembles a waffle.

The task of the participant is to guess the encrypted words using 15 attempts, which are provided by the rules of the game.

Each of the words has the same first, last, and middle letter as the other words in the crossword puzzle. Swipe and move the letters to put them in the correct order and get all five guesses.

How to play Waffle Wordle

Read the detailed instructions and get ready to win in Waffle Wordle:

15 moves only!

The player has no more than 15 moves to solve the puzzle. In Deluxe mode, you need to guess more words, so you have more attempts, namely 25. Choose the best game mode, hone your skills and move on to more difficult options.

Move the letters using the mouse or touchscreen. Click on a letter, hold it down, and drag it to another location. If the move is correct, the letter will change color.

The game ends in two cases:

If you want to practice, open the archive. Play previous games, guess words, and hone your skills. In the statistics section, players can track their progress. It shows the total number of rounds, the number of wins as a percentage. You can also track how many gold stars you have collected for all games.

Take on the challenge of word games and train your brain. Win every round and improve your vocabulary.

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